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Frequently asked questions

Q: How much time do I need to invest in Ride the Wild Horse?

A: It takes about 21 to 28 consecutive days to create a new habit, but if you do the process correctly and often, you'll experience daily benefits. As you want the process to become second nature to you—so you don't "forget" to apply the skills in times of extreme stress—it may take a little longer. Practice the Ride the Wild Horse meditation until you are comfortable using the skills in the most challenging circumstances.

Q: How long does each practice session last?

A: The beginning and intermediate meditations take approximately 16 to 17 minutes to complete. The deeper meditation takes approximately 20 minutes, and the deepest meditation takes nearly 30 minutes.

Q: What should I do if I initially feel something in one part of my body, and a stronger sensation occurs somewhere else?

A: Always follow the intensity. Focus on the strongest sensation you feel.

Q: What if I don't feel anything or I just feel empty?

A: That's normal. Pay attention to the feeling of having no feeling, or of being numb or empty.

Q: I’m getting emotional during the meditation, is that normal?

A: Yes. Releasing repressed feelings can be intense. If you cry, tremble, moan, or make other sounds, remember to breathe deeply and hold your focus. It is okay to experience these emotions—as long as you can calm and focus yourself and feel in control of the process.

Q: What if I have trouble making it through the meditation?

A: Practice in very short segments—from three to five minutes a couple of times a day. If after numerous attempts you still feel uncomfortable, you might consider seeking the support of a trauma specialist.

Q: Do people really have to learn to experience joy?

A: Some do. There are those for whom any kind of emotional intensity feels intimidating because they fear a loss of control.

Q: How soon after I complete the process should I talk with someone who is a good listener about my experiences?

A: Share within a day or two if possible. If more than two days pass, your memory of the experience is likely to fade.

Q: Would writing in a journal be similar to talking to someone?

A: No! Writing engages different parts of the brain than speaking face to face.

Q: Can I listen to the meditations offline or in an airplane mode?

A: Yes! See links in Meditation Problem Solving.

Last Updated: July 2014

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