Emotional Intelligence Self-Help Toolkit

5 Steps to Relieve Stress & Bring Your Life Into Balance

Helping others

Aside from individual use, the Helpguide toolkit can also be used in teaching, therapeutic, and various office and home settings to help others acquire social and emotional skills. While it’s imperative to always teach both core skills of the toolkit (quick stress relief and emotional awareness), medical or teaching professionals may, in some cases, need to omit or reformat other aspects of the material according to the age and background of the audience.

  • Parents can be taught these skills—in groups or individually—so that they can model and teach appropriate behavior to their children. Social/emotional awareness is important for successfully parenting any child, and critical for successfully parenting a child with developmental challenges.
  • Children of all ages can learn age-appropriate aspects of the toolkit. Infants with primary caretakers who model these skills will learn them effortlessly, while preteens and teens are often especially interested in gaining social/emotional skills in order to improve their relationships with others.
  • Mental health professionals can recommend some or all of the Helpguide toolkit, depending on patient need, for use in individual or group settings. The toolkit can encourage clients with emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia to learn more about reducing stress and better managing their moods.
  • Physicians can refer the Helpguide toolkit to patients who need to reduce sources of both internal and external stress.
  • Family members can encourage friends and loved ones to use the toolkit to regain their emotional balance.

Last Updated: July 2014

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